Michael is available to work with your instrumental or vocal group.  Please read below for more information, or use the Contact page to schedule your clinic!

Michael has a huge range of experience as a brass player, singer, and conductor/director/educator.  He has a proven track record of working with groups of any skill level and getting results.  His ability to draw from a wealth of knowledge and communicate it to groups in a rehearsal/clinic setting is well-regarded among educators, and his focused, lively rehearsal style keeps groups engaged and making great music.

Michael’s experience in both the instrumental and vocal worlds have been invaluable to him as a director and a clinician.  Feeling equally at home playing trumpet in a big band or singing madrigals, his unique skill set is unmatched, and makes him an extremely versatile clinician and educator.

Prior to your clinic, Michael will talk with you about group, its repertoire, and goals you’d like to accomplish.  This is an opportunity to discuss triumphs and struggles, strengths and areas needing improvement.  After this critical conversation, Michael will begin to develop a unique plan of action.

Clinics can be of any length of time, depending on your situation.  For school groups, an entire class period is ideal, although some school groups prefer to have before or after school clinics to allow for more time.  For non-school groups, generally 1 to 2 hours works well depending on what you hope to accomplish and the amount of literature that is to be covered.

Contact Michael today to schedule your group’s clinic!



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