Music Engraving for the Church Musician

Hi all!

I’ve been super busy with a few projects, so I haven’t been able to update the blog in a few weeks.  I’ve had some gigs, redesigned the web store for the Vergers’ Guild of the Episcopal Church, traveled to Spokane for the Guild, and worked several sub shifts.

I wanted to pass along this article that I wrote for an organization called Church Music Forward.  They’re a great group of folks that are doing some fine work for church music.  Check them out and read about what they do.

With my engraving background and my work in church music, I saw this as a great opportunity to help church musicians–who usually don’t have engraving experience–create more professional looking scores for their church choirs.

There’s a lot of information in this article.  If you write anything for choirs, you definitely should take a look at this if you’re interested in stepping up your engraving game.

Take a look at my article online: Music Engraving for the Church Musician


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