Engraving services for church musicians

Michael also offers specialized engraving, orchestration, and arranging services for church musicians.  Read more about how he can help your music ministry and then use the Contact page to get started.

Church musicians—especially music directors—have a variety of highly specialized needs for their music programs.  With over 15 years of experience in church music, Michael has worked in many different settings as a player, singer, and music director.  With his specialized services for church musicians, he can now use this wealth of knowledge to help you in your music ministry.  Before continuing, you may want to first read about Michael’s other engraving services.

Michael uses Finale v.26 to digitally engrave music, and you’ll be provided with a high resolution PDF that’ll ensure you’ll always have a digital document to print from:  those who’ve tried to read music that’s a copy of a copy of a copy know how terrible that can look!

General engraving services

Below is a general overview of the music engraving services that Michael offers.

  • Preserving a piece of badly damaged or fragile music
  • Creating a beautifully engraved score/parts from handwritten music for use in ensembles
  • Transposing something into a different key/clef
  • Correcting old mistakes found in the original copy
  • Changing/inputting new lyrics into a piece
  • Not seeing something you need?  Let Michael know!

Orchestration and arranging services

Apart from his general engraving services, Michael offers orchestrations for hymns and service music.  Whether your instrumentalists include just a piano or an organ and brass quintet with timpani, Michael can orchestrate hymns and service music that’ll best showcase your instrumentalists and make for robust congregational singing.  Orchestration services also can be used for choral anthems to create a beautiful accompaniment to support your choir.  Michael also has years of experience arranging hymn tunes for choral and instrumental ensembles.  This is particularly useful for special services where you need that unique piece to really compliment the day’s events.

If you’re a church musician, Michael can help you with all your music preparation, orchestration, and arranging needs!  Use the Contact page to find out more.